Видео: Radiwow R-108 vs Tecsun PL660 на СВ

Battle of the radios radiwow R-108 vs tecsun pl-380 on 11850 kHz Shortwave

Reception of Radio Romania English at 2030 UT on April 20th 2019 comparing both receivers using indoor wire antenna radiwow ...

Battle of the radios radiwow R-108 vs tecsun pl-380 on 12030 kHz Shortwave

Radio exterior espana received on April 20th 2019 at 1920 UT using indoor wire antenna comparing both receivers.

Battle of the radios radiwow R-108 vs tecsun PL-380 15770 kHz Shortwave

Supreme master TV via WRMI received using indoor wire antenna on both receivers April 20th 2019 at 1940 UT seems the ...

15 February 2019 Radiwow R-108 & Tecsun PL-600

Here is these two DSP radio's side by side. Sharing signals on shortwave you can hear the difference in audio on a random wire ...

RadiWOW R 108 на кв.

Тест приёма на коротких волнах. В режиме сканирования частот.


This test was conducted in the home environment of MERSIN YENISEHIR. The test subject is the FM Band 67.08 MHz local TV.

Radiwow R 108 Battery Upgrade and update

Radiowow R-108 XHDATA BL-5C 1500Mah Battery. As well as 2 Panasonic CF-VZSU-48 Batteries for the Panasonic Toughbook ...

Radiwow R-108 portable with tecsun AN-200 mediumwave loop on 620 kHz AM

Real difference with and without the loop with WVMT 620 kHz station when I approached the tecsun AN-200 mediumwave loop.

Radiwow R-108 and Xhdata D-808

Краткое сравнение приема. Продажа Radiwow R-108, Xhdata D-808, Tecsun в Москве: ...

Radiwow (XHDATA) R-108 краткий обзор продажа

Краткий обзор радиоприемника Radiwow R-108. Купить в Москве можно тут ...

Radiwow R-108 DSP World Band Receiver

This is my review of the Radiwow R-108 World Band Receiver. It's an FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR DSP radio with 500 Memory Presets.

XHDATA d808 vs radiwow R-108 on voice of Vietnam 7315 kHz Shortwave

Received UT March 12th 2019 at 0000 UT using the included wire antenna and comparing both receivers with the same signal.

Radiwow R-108 Shortwave Radio Review

A review of the newly released, portable Shortwave receiver, Radiwow R-108.

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