Видео: A&K M60E4 MK43 Review Part 1 HD

[HD] Airsoft A&K M60E4 Review

Review going into detail about all of the aspects and features of the M60. Shoots around 400FPS and has an effective rrange of ...

Airsoft Review A&K MK43 MOD 0 by crazyNCman

I will do a shooting test when I fix the hopup. Please visit the Jag Precision Facebook and Youtube!

A&K M60E4 MK43 Review Part 2

A&K M60E4 MK43 Review Part 2.

A&K M60E4/MK43 Review (with a shooting test)

Sorry! no intro this time, the file got corrupted somehow. working on a new one.

ASG M60E4 (MK43) Airsoft Gun Review

Recently won an ASG M60E4 in a contest from FoxAirsoft.com! https://www.foxairsoft.com/airsoft-guns/m60e4-mk43-commando/ ...

ARES M60a4 Review

Please post ideas for the future of the channel! So I have since gotten tonnes of new gear you can see in my channel. Check out ...

A&K M60/MK43 accuracy test


[GoPro HD] Airsoft A&K M60E4 Rampage Gameplay

Shows me and Will using the gopro to record some awesome footage of the m60 dominating the field Im on Facebook: ...

A&K M60/MK43 review


Airsoft A&K M60/Mk43 at Cousins Paintball (2011)

A&K M60e4: Footage from Operation Jawbreaker Part 2 at Cousins Airsoft/Paintball on Long Island, NY. Features: - Full metal ...


You want to take your squad to the next level? Get this, and give your team constant covering fire with 4000 BBs!! Get this gun ...

BBA A&K MK-43 review

A review on the A&K Mk-43 by our brother in arms, Waurio.

A&K M60E4 MK43 vs. A&K M249 SAW MK.II

A&K M60E4 MK43 vs. A&K M249 SAW MK.II.

A&K MK43 Review

This is the video review of the A&K MK. This gun is not new and has a custom paint job. We will cover topics such as construction, ...

A&K M60E4 Airsoft SAW Review

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un ank mk43mod0 vid 02

UN Company is going to show you the new released A&K MK4 Mod 0 Electronic Light Machine gun. It is an awesome LMG which ...

VIP Escort Airsoft M60 Gameplay (A&K Mk43)

61/60 loadout being used to the max. My beloved KWA Vz61 paired with the A&K (possibly VFC) Mk43 (M60). Watch us as we attempt ...

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